Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, I did it.  I actually made the Christmas card wreath!  Well sort of.  I guess it's not a wreath at all.  So I guess I should say that I didn't make the wreath, but I did make something to hold my Christmas cards!  There was only a week left until Christmas, so I figured it was a little too late for the wreath.  Instead I decided to make something that would last year round.  It will mostly collect bills and coupons I want to save, but hey-that's alright!  Drum roll please...

And without the cards...

 It's basically some wire and clothespins.  Those are bottle caps with scrapbook paper filled with resin.  There's a big fat magnet glued to the back too.  I made those months ago, and I just rummaged around for other things to jazz up my bare wire. 
So anyway, that's what became of my wreath.  But the real focus of all this are the clothespins.  I'm not about to take the credit, although I wish it were my idea.  But I got the idea from here. is an awesome website.  I keep telling myself that maybe one day I will try to sell something.  Today is not that day.  None the less, while these are probably selling like hot cakes, naturally I made my own.  You can buy a bag of 100 clothespins at the Dollar General.  The paper I already had.  I didn't bother with mod podging them on there (although that probably would have been best).  I just used a glue stick and that's suits me just fine.  I love these!  I have them hanging from the ceiling of my kids' school room to display their art.  It'd also be easy to hot glue a magnet to the back and stick them on the fridge.  Fancy chip clips?  Clip a card to a gift bag?  Wear them in your hair?  ...well that may be pushing it.  My point is, how is it that just a plain ole clothespin could be so stinkin cute?  

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