Thursday, September 16, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

I've been finding random buttons around the house lately, so I decided to see what's out there as far as buttons's what I found.

OK, well this is a little much and who has this many buttons? 

I guess if you do, use a muffin pan as a sorter!

Here's some stuff that uses a lot less buttons and a hot glue gun...

Napkin Rings

Hair Clips


Snazzy Cards...

I love the bird idea on this one!  Cover up one hole with a felt wing and add the legs and's so simple!   

Love this!

This is a Martha Stewart creation...

Now, I know I don't have these kind of fancy fun buttons just lying around, but you can buy bags of assorted buttons at craft stores, antique stores, etc.  They're pretty cheap.


  1. I LOVE your button post! I need to do more things with buttons. They are so much fun! Lets do some button crafts next weekend!!

  2. Love the button ideas... too cute!! I even have some buttons I bought a while back for crafts that I never got around to doing. I'm motivated again :)